Prof. Liliana Garneata, MD, PhD

Prof. Liliana Garneata
Assistant Professor of Nephrology “Dr Carol Davila” Teaching Hospital of Nephrology, Bucharest, Romania

 Head of the 1st Nephrology Department, Dr. Carol Davila Teaching Hospital of Nephrology: since May 2015

 Special interests
– Nutrition and metabolism in renal diseases
– Renal anaemia
– Epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease
– Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
– Diabetic nephropathy
– Kidney and pregnancy
– IgA Nephropathy

 Over 55 publications in National and international journals. Recipient of many awards for clinical
 She has recently published clinical study in JASN titled “Ketoanalogue-supplemented
vegetarian very low-protein diet and CKD progression” which provides latest evidence in
with Ketoanalogues in CKD.